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Our skin is the first line of defense guarding the body against the extremes of temperature, damaging sunlight, and harmful chemicals. And, like every part of our bodies, skin responds to care and attention. Proper treatment can revitalize skin and slow the aging process, keeping skin healthier, longer.

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    Replenish Essential Skin Nutrients

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Give Your Skin What It Needs

We feed our bodies each day so it can get the nourishment it needs, now you can do the same for your skin. The Skin Splendor™ line of products were developed to do just that, nourish the skin. Made from the purest, natural ingredients, plant extracts, vegetable and nut oils, and from the highest quality essential oils that have been used holistically for hundreds of years. These incredible ingredients make the Skin Splendor products not only exceptionally nutrient rich and your healthiest choice, but also the most effective.

Replenish Essential Skin Nutrients

Skin Splendor Natural ProductsThe hand crafted line of Skin Splendor organic / natural products restore, balance & sustain your skin so it not only looks healthier, but is healthier.

Skin Splendor - Eye Cream
Herbal Eye Cream

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Skin Splendor - Eye Serum
Herbal Eye Serum

This ultra-concentrated, lightweight, antioxidant packed formula is the ultimate in age defying eye care. The dual action treatment.........Learn More

Skin Splendor - Body Lotion
Herbal Body Lotion

This fast-absorbing, all-over, skin nourishing daily moisturizer leaves skin naturally radiant, healthier and younger looking. With a powerful......Learn More

Skin Splendor - Face Cream
Herbal Face Cream

This skin-nourishing daily moisturizer face cream is available in two different formulas, one for normal skin and the other in an extra moisturizing formula for dry skin. Both are....Learn More

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